Our Commitment

NATIONAL VETERAN SEARCH AND RECOVERY PROGRAM is committed to locating and assisting lost or missing Military, Department of Defense Military Contractors, First Responders, and Law Enforcement victims and assist them into recovery by offering resources, peer support and family support. We are here to support them through their crisis and support their efforts to transition into a healthier lifestyle.

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Our Mission

Our services are provided to all Active-Duty, Veterans, Department of Defense Front Line Military Contractors, First Responders, and their families. We refer to this as OUR Warfighter Community.

We are a three prong approach to helping our Warfighter Community.


CIU provides services to those individuals that have served our Country and are in emotional distress. This is a peer support group and our team trains as Crisis Intervention Specialists.


In the event a Warfighter goes missing, our Missing Warrior Alert program works closely with Law Enforcement and families to gather all pertinent information, create flyers, and spread the word through-out social media, news media and printing flyers. The MWA works in conjunction with NATIONAL VET-SAR.

NATIONAL VETERAN SEARCH AND RECOVERY PROGRAM (NATIONAL VET-SAR) Provides search teams, resources and family support during a crisis. We are comprised of three different departments. Our Outreach Department brings awareness, planned events, and media resources. Our Resource Department provides all human resource needs. Our Operations Department provides Search and Rescue teams to seek out and find their brothers and sisters in arms. After the victim “client” is found, we provide resources to set the Warfighter and/or their family back up and provide continuous services and family support.

Rachel Jackson

Rachel Jackson

Founder / CEO

I come from a long line of Military families. My father was Vietnam – Army. My Grandfather was World War II – Coast Guard. My “adoptive” son is a disabled Combat Veteran, and when my Cousin Erik took his life, I wrote ERIK’S LAW, with the assistance of several Warfighters, Law Enforcement and Politicians.

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I am a single mother that lives in North Carolina. For over 19 years, I served in missing persons cases, on a Search and Rescue team, and in Law Enforcement. My passion has always been working with missing persons and gaining all of the experience that I can through certification, training, and dedication. Our Nation has an epidemic of missing persons. Every day in America 2,400 people go missing. Every day in America 22 to 23 Veterans take their lives at their own hand. Approximately 17 Law Enforcement, EMS, and Firefighters also take their own lives every day. From the day we started this The Missing Warrior Alert Program, 51 missing Veterans have been located, 3 Active-Duty and 2 of their missing children. We take great passion and work long hours to cover any avenue within our means to make sure they are found safe.
Art Watrubo

Art Watrubo


Arthur Wotruba grew up in Northern California and joined the United States Marine Corps after high school graduation. During his 18.5 years of service with the Marines he served in Operation Just Cause and Desert Storm.

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During his tenure he served as a Machine Gunner, Forward Observer (81’s), Designated Marksman, Primary Marksmanship Instructor, Squad Leader and Section Leader for a Combined Anti-Armor Team (CAT). After being medically retired he became a private firearms and tactics instructor and perused his childhood dream of becoming a Police Officer. His dream became a reality in 2006. He became a Police Officer for the Department of Defense and was assigned to Naval Base Ventura County. He served as a Patrol Officer for 4 years before being promoted to Sergeant. During his tenure as a Police Officer he established a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program for his department after responding to numerous calls having to deal with PTSD and TBI; both diagnosed and undiagnosed. After 8.5 years of rewarding service he transferred to the Veterans Affairs Police Department to continue serving our Veterans. He is married with 4 kids and currently lives in Southern California.