Missing Warrior Alert


In the event a Warfighter goes missing, our Missing Warrior Alert Program works closely with Law Enforcement and families to gather all pertinent information, create the flyers, and spread the word through out Social Media, News Media and Printing flyers. The MWA Team works in conjunction with NATIONAL VET-SAR.

Veteran Search and Recovery


Provides search teams, resources and family support during a crisis. We are comprised of three different departments. Our Outreach Department brings awareness, planned events, and media resources, Our Resource Department provides all Human Resource needs, and our Operations Department provides Search and Rescue teams to seek out and find their brothers and sisters in arms. After the victim “client” is found, we provide resources to set the Warfighter and/or their family back up and provide continuous services and family support.

Crisis Intervention Unit


Provides services to those individuals that have served our country and are in emotional distress. This is a Peer Support group and our team trains as Crisis Intervention specialists.

Mission Statement:

Over 5,000 Veterans commit suicide each year. Several of these Veterans go missing before they take their own lives. Veteran Sarch and Recovery Team (VET-SAR) aims to find those Warfighters and bring them to safety before they take their own lives.

Our team also strives to work with the Veteran to get the resources he or she may need to assist them in their future. We are not just any Search and Recovery Program. We are VET-SAR, a team made up of communities and Veterans that are concerned enough to go and find our Brothers and Sisters in Arms when they are endangered, embrace them and their families, and help them to recovery. We are a grass roots program that is growing on a national level. We need trained SAR, EMS, and Law Enforcement to come and help us save our Nation’s Heroes before they take their own lives. Several missing Veterans may have medical needs, may be endangered by others, and need their brothers and sisters in arms to step up and help them to come home.

We are looking for volunteers to build this team on a National Level. The teams will consist of National, Regional, and State Directors. Do you have what it takes to save the life of a VET? Join us today at VET-SAR and take your place on the team. Our goal is to have fully staffed volunteer teams in every State because, we never know where the next VET may need our assistance.


Do you have what it takes to save the life of a VET?

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